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We serve all area's from Dodge Center MN - Byron MN - Kasson MN - Mantorville MN - Rochester MN

Snow and Ice storms can occur without warning. The effects can disrupt your business, cost you money, and be dangerous to your property, employees, and clients. We us communication, and planning. You can depend on Kyle's Lawn Service to develop a plan that fits your individual needs.

Rely on Kyle's Lawn Service's 24 hour snow and ice removal services and be confident in a safe work environment regardless of the weather conditions. Snow plowing with Kyle's Lawn Service:

Step 1 - Choose a minimum amount at which you'd like us to service your property. Most customers choose a 1" or a 2" depth.

Step 2 - Choose a rate type.

Per-time rates - We'll service your property each time a snowfall is above the amount you selected in step 1. You will not need to call us to see if we are coming. You will be billed at the first of the month for the amount of times we serviced your property.

Seasonal rates - We'll service your property each time a snowfall is above the amount you selected in step 1. We will plow your property no matter how many times it snows, during the months of Oct to Apr. You pre-pay for the entire snow season. We are willing to set up monthly payments. If you choose this option, it could save you money in the long run. The Seasonal rate works great for a lot of my customers, If you want to set your budget on snow removal then this is the way to go. If you are a Police officer, Fireman, Doctor, or need to leave the house at different times of the night then this is the way to go. With the seasonal rate we service your property many more times during the winter, during a snowfall we plow the driveway during and at the end of the snowfall making sure it is always clean so if for any reason you need to leave the house you can.

Optional - We can also do your shoveling of sidewalks and take care of all your Salting & Sanding needs!

Other services - Snow throwing.

Serving Rochester Minnesota, Kasson Minnesota, Byron Minnesota, and Dodge Center Minnesota, Kyle's Lawn Service provides a wide range snow removal services, including snow plowing, snow removal, driveway salting, driveway sanding.

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